Hotel Shivaprasad is a located in middle of the town and at walkable distance from the beaches and temples. The hotel is very clean and affordable with friendly staff and caring management. The hotel has a big lounge and 16 spacious rooms with beautiful views of the town.
This is a budget hotel to suit you needs for temple visits and for fun on nearby beautiful beaches.
There is an authentic vegetarian restaurant serving delicious south indian food.

There are just two things that you can do in Gokarna. Either visit the temples or go to the beaches. As soon as you emerge from the town you will see the Gokarna Beach spread out in all its glory in front of you. If you find this beach a little crowded, then there are four other beaches a little farther away but to get to them you will have to trek for an hour or so. Boatmen at the Gokarna Beach will also transport you to the other beaches for a small fee. All these beaches-Om, Kudle, Paradise, and Half Moon are pristine and if you want solitude, you will find it here. You can rent the small thatched huts on the beaches. The main temple in Gokaran is the Mahabaleshwara Temple that houses the 6 ft atmalinga. The atmalinga is enshrined and is opened to the public only once in 40 years!

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